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1.Coagulant 1.Anti Oxidant 1.Disinfectant 1.Colloid
2.Flocculant 2.Anti Scalent 2.Scale 2.Scale
3.Poly Electrolyte 3.pH Correction 3.Organic 3.Organic
4.Chlorination 4.pH Booster 4.Inorganic 4.Inorganic
3.SS 304 , 316 AND 316 L 3.SS 304 , 316 AND 316 L 3.SS 304 , 316 AND 316 L

We have a well experienced specialized service team to cater to all types of servicing activities, Trouble shooting, Revamping, O&M for waste water treatment plant.

Reverse Osmosis Chemicals Antiscalants /Antifouling for higher LSI, SDI, sulphates, iron and silica in RO feed water. Anti oxidants, cleaning chemicals (acid/alkaline cleaners) &Ph stabilizers

Ultra Filtration Chemicals Antifouling agents & chemical cleaners to enhance filtration and membrane filtration.

Sewage Treatment plant Chemicals to enhance Effective treatment of sewage, Bio culture, Polyelectrolyte, Bio nutrients, MLSS settlers
Wastewater treatment Decolorizes (replacement chemicals for Lime and iron salts), Organic Coagulants (replace Alum/PAC) , deformer , wide range of inorganic coagulants , flocculants for solid liquid separation thereby controlling of BOD, COD, MLSS, color, odour and turbidity of waste water .Regardless of the industry you belong to or the type and make of your water treatment plant, we provide you comprehensive technical service and support, to ensure that your plant delivers value for money, day after day.

Operation & Maintenance:
To operate and maintain the Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants at client’s place as and when they require. Operating and maintaining of your existing water treatment plant on 24x7 basis.

Annual Maintenance Contracts:
This helps customers to avail a reliable, highly focused & timely support at your convenience by the experts.
• Probing & Profiling of Vessel/Housing
• Membrane Inspection for Telescoping & fouling
• Computerized membrane and Chemical / Antiscalant dosing selection
• Data Analysis by Projection and Normalization Technique
• Silt density Index-SDI measurement
• Feed water Analysis
• Membrane cleaning
• Manpower training
• Consumables and Spares Management
• Troubleshooting & maintenance management
• Diffusers cleaning
• Annual overhauling of Sand Filters

• SINGLE WINDOW SOLUTION for your UF & RO plant -Services, Membrane, Cartridges, Antiscalant, Water treatment chemicals
• Reduces total cost of operation
• Enhanced membrane life
• Provides uncompromising performance
• Extends equipment life and operating time

We hope that all our activities and services as mentioned above will be in line with your requirements.We now request you kindly register us in your list of approved vendors and forward your valuable enquiries to enable us submit our most competitive techno commercial offer.

Please call the undersigned, should you require any further information/clarification. We now look forward to your valuable order. Assuring you the best services at all times

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