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Domestic Reverse Osmosis Systems
We provide our qualitative range of domestic reverse osmosis systems. These work on R. O process that ensures provision of safe, clean, and hygienic water to our clients. The domestic reverse osmosis systems we provide are made according to the advanced membrane technology. RO process initially removes all suspended impurities through multiple stages of purification and then the water is pumped at a pressure that is higher than 'Osmotic-pressure'. This is done through a semi permeable membrane. Our domestic reverse osmosis systems is carefully designed to let the pores in the membrane not allow any impurity to pass through except pure water. Our product is efficient enough to purify the various dissolved salts of calcium, magnesium, sodium like chlorides, sulphates and nitrates, silica, and other chemicals and toxins.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Our company manufactures high performing industrial reverse osmosis systems for industrial purpose. It uses highly efficient membranes for filtration process and these industrial reverse osmosis systems act as molecular filters for any dissolved impurities like mineral, organic and inorganic particles. Some bacterial spores and viruses cannot be removed by any ion exchange technique. Our systems also help in the removal of such microbial matter. These require low maintenance and minimal usage of chemicals makes these are more eco-friendly. These types of industrial reverse osmosis systems are preferred than the ion exchange systems as these run on electrical energy instead of chemicals.

Deaslination Plants

Our company designs and develops a wide range of sea water desalination plants that assists our clients to overcome the problems of salty sea water and purify the water to make it suitable for domestic uses and other respective industrial applications as required. We have been providing our sea water distillation plants to various clients throughout domestic as well as international markets. Apart from these desalination plants, we also manufacture custom made containerized mobile units.
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