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Water Treatment Plants

We offer our clients a wide range of various water treatment plants based on latest waste filtration and water treatment technologies. Our range encompasses turnkey mineral water plants, de-mineralized water treatment plant, desalination plants, ultra filtration plant, sand and carbon filters, industrial water softeners and waste water treatment plant & zero liquid discharge systems.
filteration system
Voda designs ultrapure water systems as a combination of membrane and ion-exchange techniques, to produce 18 mg-ohms specific resistance water.

Ultrapure water contains nil to very low concentrations of salts, organic components, oxygen, suspended solids or bacteria. It is used in semiconductor, power, steel, and pharmaceutical industries. Ultrapure water is used to slice silicon wafers as a process in fabricating integrated circuits. It is also the primary solvent used to rinse away contaminants and remnants of silicon etched away in production. Integrated circuits are so minute and complex that even a small contaminant can hinder the operation of a circuit. Pharmaceuticals require several water applications including ultrapure water for injection, sterile water, and wastewater treatment.

Ultra filtration is based on membrane technology, consisting of several membrane modules that efficiently remove a wide range of microscopic particles, colloidal matter and pathogens, including viruses and bacteria.

Voda offers ultra filtration systems that are extremely effective for treating heavy surface water. Ultra filtration treated water can be sent for reverse osmosis and recycled or further taken for portable application. With ultra-filtration, costly and unreliable methods of water waste pre-treatment before reverse osmosis is not required; which means, considerable savings in terms of pre-treatment and increased RO availability factor.
Softener plant
We manufacture a wide range of industrial water softeners in different industrial models. These industrial water softeners are available in various capacities and are made of fine grade mild steel and FRP. Our industrial water softeners are custom built plants designed as per the specified requirements of our clients. The industry needs soft water having hardness less than 5 ppm i.e. commercial zero. Considering this fact, we design, fabricate, supply and install the suitable model plant to meet the soft water requirement of various industries.
De-Mineralized Plant
We provide our clients a wide range of de-mineralized water treatment plants that are used for conditioning water for high pressure boilers, conditioning other process and for rinsing water. It includes the ion-exchange system that is chosen very accordingly to the volumes and composition of the raw water. If silica removal is not required, our treatment systems may consist of a hydrogen cation exchanger unit and a weekly basic anion exchanger unit usually followed by a degasifier. This de-mineralized water treatment plants removes impurity by aeration of most of the carbon dioxide formed from the bicarbonates.
Process of UF / RO / DM System
To generate the pressure for down the line system.

The water is first filtered by Pressure sand filter Unit for removal of suspended matters and turbidity.

To remove Colour, Odour, Chlorine, Oil & Grease from the raw water.

These are Pressure Vessels Fitted internally with spun or pleated cartridge element which removes micron sized particles.

To prevent membrane from scaling (hardness).

A high pressure pump is provided for supplying the feed water to RO System at high pressure of 10 - 12 kg/cm2.

A Reverse Osmosis System rejects 90-95% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

To store Treated (pure) water in tank.
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